Hydrometallurgy – SX


Turbulent Technologies

Tenova Bateman Technologies





Turbulent Technologies is proud to partner with Tenova Bateman Technologies,
the exclusive worldwide reseller of our technology for use in the Solvent Extraction of Cu, U, Cobalt, Nickel, Zinc and Gold.



  • Reduction in entrainment of expensive extractants
  • Reduce organic contamination in the product stream

    TT Copper SX unit installation

    TT Copper SX unit installation

  • Reduce ecological impact of organic in the raffinate stream
  • Reduced size of settlers
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Elimination the need of After Settles



  • Significant savings on the consumption of extractants
  • Allows smaller settlers in new installations and
    higher throughput in existing installations
  • Reduced product contamination
  • Less organic in the raffinate
  • Reduced investment and maintenance costs for downstream treatment equipment – separators, adsorbers or after-settlers.
  • Improved plant availability and reduced maintenance costs