Our “Turbulent Mixing” and separation technology is broadly applicable to a wide range of industrial processes, including the energy, chemicals, mining, food oils and pharmaceutical industries.

  • Complements existing separation plant and equipment to improve throughput and/or quality of separation, generating savings in operational expenditure without process changes.
  • The technology works in the presence of solid contaminants.
  • Ensures highly homogenous mixing throughout the tank volume for effective complete reaction or mass transfer.
  • Allows separation of emulsions containing small droplets of undesired substances, previously very difficult to separate effectively.
  • Does not require additional chemicals, although it may be used with existing chemical demulsifiers.
  • Can be easily incorporated into new plant design to reduce capital expenditure and operational costs without process changes.
  • Not suitable for municipal waste treatment plants due to the unpredictable and rapidly changing nature of the liquid flows.
  • Technology licensing or complete solutions available.


Developed applications include:


Known applications include:

  • Citric Acid manufacturing (liquid extraction).
  • Bilge water treatment for marine applications.
  • Treatment of process water at refineries before discharge.
  • Oil Sand processing.